Graphing Calculator HD

The most downloaded graphing calculator for the iPhone/iPod is now available for the iPad. The GUI has been completely rewritten to take advantage of the iPad’s bigger screen. Graphing Calculator HD turns your iPad into an intuitive high-resolution function plotter and scientific calculator. Features include the following:
  • Includes a powerful, yet easy to use scientific calculator.
  • Quickly plot and trace multiple equations on the same graph.
  • Pinch to zoom and drag/slide for scrolling the graph in real time.
  • Custom keyboard designed to enter equations and mathematical expressions quickly.
  • The application supports portrait and landscape modes on every screen.
  • Take screen shots or e-mail high resolution graphs to yourself.
  • Evaluate your graphs at any x value using the calculator screen.
  • Find the exact (x,y) coordinates for roots, intersections, minimums and maximums using the trace mode.
  • Supports graphing and tracing polar and parametric equations.
  • Video output support using Apple’s iPad dock connector to VGA adapter.
  • Currently supports the following functions: log, log2, log10, ln, exp, sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, sinh, cosh, tanh, asinh, acosh, atanh, csc, sec, cot, gamma, lgamma, nCr, nPr, min, max, degrees to radians, radians to degrees, absolute value, square root, ceiling, floor, and mod.