Version 1.0.3

I submitted version 1.0.3 to Apple, and it's currently under review. While this version does not contain new features, it is significantly nicer to work with. Here are the changes for this upcoming release:

  • Fixed expression evaluation and parsing problems that sometimes resulted in incorrect graphs. I am 100% sure all of the order of operation problems are taken care of.
  • Greatly improved graphing performance and animation frame rate. All graphs render faster, and complex equations can render over 10 times faster. This increases the frame-rate, and helps with zooming in and out.
  • Added the ability to turn off sound effects.
  • Fixed the log function.
  • Added some minor cosmetic changes.

I am currently working on version 1.1.0, which will have many new features. I wasn't going to update the calculator until I was ready with the new features, but some recently discovered bugs were serious enough that I couldn't wait any longer. I expect version 1.1.0 to be ready within a month.


Status Update

While I have not been able to answer every e-mail message I received, I appreciate the input and "thank you" notes. I read every e-mail message I received, and I'm glad many of you find the application useful.

Around November last year, I became really busy with my real job and personal life, which prevented me from working on updates to the calculator. My schedule is starting to return to normal, and I plan on working on a new release. First, I'm going to address the bugs I know about and improve graphing performance. After reading 10,000+ e-mail messages, I probably know about every single problem with the application. :) Once the bugs are taken care of, I will take add the most often requested features.

Finding Roots, Min/Max, and Intersections

I started working on the most frequently requested feature, and that is to find roots, minimums, maximums, and intersections. You'll just have to hold your finger on an intersection, min/max, or root for one second, and a pop-up will display the exact X and Y coordinates.

Finding roots
At this time, the version with the bug fixes (version 1.0.2) didn't make it to the App Store yet. I heard from others that it takes about seven days for updates to get approved.

If you sent me an e-mail, and I didn't reply, I still appreciate the input. I read every single e-mail I received related to my Graphing Calculator.


Top 10 Free Apps

The application became much more popular than I expected, and it is now one of the Top 10 applications.

Unfortunately, I didn't test it enough before posting the first version, and there were many problems. Because of the problems with the order of operations, some of the graphs are not accurate. I recommend that you are careful when using this for your homework until the next version (1.0.2) is available on the App Store.

Thanks for downloading, and providing feedback.


Version 1.0.2 Submitted

I sent a new version of the calculator to Apple. It should resolve the problems you guys e-mailed me about, and it will be ready to be downloaded as soon as Apple approves the update.

Here are the list of changes for this release:

  • Fixed bugs that caused certain equations to crash the application.
  • Fixed the degrees to radians, radians to degrees, and log10 functions.
  • Fixed problems with the order of operations. For example: -x^2 will graph like -(x^2).
  • Added a button to clear all equations.
  • Added an option to reset the grid to the defaults if the user shakes the phone.