Demo Video

I bought a tool called "iShowU HD", and I plan on creating videos to answer the most frequently asked questions. I quickly tested it by creating a video that shows off the scientific calculator and graphing features of the application.

Watch it in HD
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Version 1.1.3

Version 1.1.3 was recently released to the App store. This is a minor release with no new features. In addition to a few bug fixes, changes include the following:

  • A new function selection screen with a brief description of each function. This should help clarify the cryptic function names such as sqrt() and asin().
  • Changed the table view such that it only displays the equations that are toggled "on". This was a popular request because people wanted more screen space for the functions they care about, and it makes the table screen more consistent with the graph screen.
  • Made the application work better on Apple's upcoming 3.0 firmware.


Version 1.1.2

I just completed version 1.1.2, and it's currently under review. As always, it should take about one week for it to be available in the App Store. The new release contains a serious bug fix, and the current most requested feature. Here's a full list of changes:

  • Added the ability to find the exact (x,y) coordinates for roots and intersections using the trace mode. The trace will now automatically snap to points of interest. This was the most requested new feature.
  • Fixed the bug responsible for freezing the graph view when touched by three fingers at once. If you ever had the graph freeze while zooming, this is what caused it.
  • Redesigned the help page to make it easier to navigate.
  • Cosmetic changes to the keyboard. There are two styles to pick from as some of you didn't like the brushed metal look.

Here is a screen shot showing off the new intersection finder feature:

intersection screen shot

This is what the new black-stone keyboard theme looks like:

black keyboard

Version 1.1.1

I just finished working on version 1.1.1, and it's currently under review by Apple. It will have the following new features:

  • Fixed rad2deg() and all other known bugs.
  • Added the ability to switch between "degree" and "radian" mode under settings.
  • Added a setting that controls the number of digits printed after the decimal point.
  • Added the table view, which was the most requested feature.
  • Toggling equations on/off was confusing, so the equations tab was redesigned.
  • A few cosmetic changes.

I expect it to appear in the App Store about a week from today. I would like to thank everyone that sent me a bug report or feature request. Your e-mails are driving what features I work on next.


Version 1.1.0

A new version is coming shortly to the App Store. Here are some of the changes for this upcoming version:

  • Added a calculator tab for numerical calculations
  • Updated the keyboard layout. The same keyboard is used for editing equations and doing calculations.
  • Added the ceil() and floor() functions
  • Made the arrow and delete buttons smarter. Function and variable names are completely deleted when the backspace button is pressed. The previous version used to delete them one character at a time.
  • Added the ability to turn equations on/off without having to clear them
  • Fixed the inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic functions
  • Added a new splash screen

The biggest change is a new calculator tab for numerical calculations. This was the #1 most requested feature. Many people that downloaded my "Graphing Calculator" asked where the calculator was. At first, I didn't see why this was needed since Apple included a scientific calculator already, but I changed my mind. Unlike Apple's calculator, this lets you type in the whole expression, and it will let you go back to fix mistakes. Also, you are able to scroll through a history of recent calculations just like on TI graphing calculators. In addition, it allows you to evaluate the equations you are currently graphing at any X value. Here's a screen shot of what this new tab looks like: