Version 1.1.9 (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Last week, I released a new version of the Graphing Calculator for the iPhone (version 1.1.9). It's got the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug responsible for crashing the application on iOS 4.
  • Multitasking support that allows you to jump back to where you left off (only using iOS 4).
  • Updated the graph logic, buttons and icons to look great on the new retina display.
  • Changed the keyboard's click sound to match Apple's default keyboard.
  • Fixed a problem with the nPr() function.
  • Corrected an issue with gamma() and lgamma().

I had a good idea what my graphs would look like on the new retina display, but seeing it person was still shocking. I can not see the individual pixels that make up curves, which looks great. I would like to see a display with a similar pixel density for the iPad.


The iPad Version is Available

Earlier this week, Apple approved the iPad version of the Graphing Calculator, and it's now available for download. This first version matches the feature set of the iPhone application, but it's easier to use. The GUI was rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of the iPad's bigger screen.


iPad News

Version 1.1.8, which just has a few bug fixes, is now available for download.

Quite a few people have asked me whether or not an iPad optimized version is coming. The answer is yes, and I started working on it the day I received my iPad. I will try to get version 1.0 finished within a few weeks from today. The first version will match the feature set of the iPhone version, but as time goes on it will be able to display much more information thanks to the bigger screen.

A friend of mine told me he saw my calculator pre-installed on an iPad demo unit at a Best Buy. I just had to go see it for myself, and I found my application pre-installed at the local Apple store as well.

The iPhone version works well enough on the iPad that Apple decided it was a good demo for iPhone backwards compatibility. The buttons and fonts are huge, and it's a bit pixelated, but it works well. If you wish to take a look before you buy my app, visit an Apple store (or Best Buy) and you can play with it on an iPad demo unit.


Version 1.1.7

Version 1.1.7 was just approved by Apple, and you should be able to download it within a few hours. It has the following new features:

  • Added the ability to find local minimums/maximums while tracing the graphs.
  • Added the following trigonometric functions: asinh(), acosh(), atanh(), cot(), csc(), sec(). The inverse hyperbolic functions were requested by many people.
  • Added the following new functions: gamma(), lgamma(), nCr(), nPr(), min(), max()
  • Fixed the sin(asin(x)) graphing problem discovered by Sven Hörbeck.
  • The function selection page now has a fixed cancel button up top.
  • Added a comma button to the keyboard in order to support functions with multiple input parameters.

Making a Living on the App Store

Over the past few months, I received many good suggestions and feature requests, but I have not had time to implement all of them. I was very busy, and as some of you may have noticed, version 1.1.6 was the first update since October 2009. I realized that I'm not able to dedicate enough time to this graphing calculator next to a full-time software engineering job, which means I had to make a difficult life changing decision.

I had a stable job that paid a competitive salary, but what I really enjoyed working on was my side projects and this calculator. To follow my dreams, I decided to quit my job and dedicate all of my time to mobile application development. This means I will dedicate my full attention to this graphing calculator starting next Monday. Expect to see many new features and more frequent updates over the next few months.

If you enjoy using this calculator, and you would like to help me keep the price at $0.99, I would appreciate if you took a minute to rate the application on iTunes.