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Version 1.4.0

Verion 1.4.0 is now available from the app store. It has the following changes:
  • Redesigned the pan and pinch gesture handling code. A diagonal pinch always results in a proportional zoom, so it does not alter the grid's aspect ratio. A near vertical pinch only modifies the y-axis, while a near horizontal pinch works on the x-axis. The calculator also supports zooming and panning while graph is in "trace" mode.
  • The "shake to reset grid" feature defaults to a square grid. As opposed to -10 to 10 for both the x and y axis.
  • Removed the "Zoom mode" option from settings. Thanks to the new pinch handling code, it's no longer needed.
  • Removed the "Draw while touching" option from settings. It will always be turned "on" going forward.
  • Starting with this version iOS 4.0 or higher is required.

Right now, the iPad version of the calculator is a few versions behind the iPhone app, but an update is coming shortly to bring all of these features to the iPad app. The version numbers will be synced as well, so the iPad version will jump to 1.4 also.