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iPad News

Version 1.1.8, which just has a few bug fixes, is now available for download.

Quite a few people have asked me whether or not an iPad optimized version is coming. The answer is yes, and I started working on it the day I received my iPad. I will try to get version 1.0 finished within a few weeks from today. The first version will match the feature set of the iPhone version, but as time goes on it will be able to display much more information thanks to the bigger screen.

A friend of mine told me he saw my calculator pre-installed on an iPad demo unit at a Best Buy. I just had to go see it for myself, and I found my application pre-installed at the local Apple store as well.

The iPhone version works well enough on the iPad that Apple decided it was a good demo for iPhone backwards compatibility. The buttons and fonts are huge, and it's a bit pixelated, but it works well. If you wish to take a look before you buy my app, visit an Apple store (or Best Buy) and you can play with it on an iPad demo unit.

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